Trust & Safety In Hospitality with Ela Mezhiborsky

Autohost CPO and co-founder, Ela Mezhiborsky, handles the intersection of customer success and product development, setting priorities and driving the product roadmap based on client feedback. Before transitioning to SaaS, her career involved working in risk management, running her own digital marketing agency, and managing a successful short-term rental business in Toronto. In fact, it was her experience in the short-term rental industry that exposed her and her co-founders to the massive security void plaguing property managers. It’s the reason they built Autohost.

This episode is in honor of Anton who was also a co-founder of Autohost and unexpectedly passed away a little over a year ago today. Please go listen to Antons previous episode that came out exactly one year ago today, September 30th.

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In this episode, we explore:

04:28 – Ela’s story

11:44 – Preventing fraudulent reservation

16:28 – Importance of KYC (Know your client)

18:56 – Why do we need to screen the guest

21:20 – Maintaining the accuracy of the guest screening

25:33 – Factors in making an assessment

28:11 – Biggest Red Flag indicator

31:52 – Better safe than sorry strategy

36:12 – Best payment processing – Stripe

40:34 – Creating a virtual check-in

47:27 – Trust & Safety In Hospitality

51:32 – Connect with Ela

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