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Impossible Until POSSIBLE (Property, Life & Fitness)

155 Episodes
How to build your dream life using short-term rentals (serviced accommodation) Strategies such as:* Airbnb hosting * Rent to Rent (Rental Arbitrage)* No money down investing * BRRR Plus learn how to scale a business from zero to seven figures in warp speed… Using clever systems, processes, and amazing marketing skills… all brought to you here on this channel. Property is not just about business, it is about the lifestyle it creates and the healthy balance you can have… Freedom is unlocked when you do this properly and I will be showing firsthand how I have done this for not only myself but for hundreds of my students just like you as well. YouTube’s number 1 source for Property, Life & Fitness advice.With your expert coach Ryan LukeSubscribe for more videos Discover more here #airbnb #property #propertydevelopment #wealthcreation #passiveincome #propertyinfluencer #propertydevelopment #newbuild
Ryan Luke