Yes is the Answer: Christine Trippi, The Wise Pineapple

Christine is an award-winning hotelier with over 30 years in the industry, founder of The Wise Pineapple, a company that helps leaders and organizations have Sweet Operations, Sweet Cultures, and Sweet Results and author of “Yes Is the Answer”, a book about the simple steps of responding positively while developing strong relationships.

Yes is the answer can transform your hotel’s service culture and operation but it’s more than blindly agreeing to any request. It takes a strong training mindset, high levels of empowerment and the ability to set and maintain boundaries to be successful.

On this episode we discuss:

  • Onboarding and career development: Entry level positions up to senior leadership (4:45)
  • How Christine came to writing ‘Yes is the Answer’: the career connection (7:20)
  • How empowerment allows employees to say yes (10:57)
  • Setting boundaries will enable you to say yes more frequently (18:12)
  • How to re-enforce of good practices (25:41)
  • Reacting vs. Proactivity (31:31)

About Christine

Christine Trippi is an award-winning hotelier who has been in a romance with hospitality for over 30 years, serving resort, full, and select-service hotels. She is the founder of The Wise Pineapple and uses her experience and passion for helping leaders and organizations have Sweet Operations, Sweet Cultures, and Sweet Results.

Yes Is the Answer, Christine’s book became an instant bestseller on Amazon and was endorsed by the inspiring Anthony Melchiorri of Hotel Impossible, calling it “A must-read for any leader, especially anyone in the business of hospitality.”


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