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WTF is Machine Learning?! with Evan Dolgow

For real, what is it…really? If you’ve had the privilege of viewing or listening to one of Evan Dolgow’s presentations, you’ve been both highly entertained and informed on the topic. Today dive a bit deeper with the Head of Predictive Hospitality at AIDAPTIVE.

Like pretty much everyone we interview on our podcast, Evan eventually made his way into the vacation rental industry via a unique path. Starting out as a medic he transitioned to real estate, and added a sprinkle of drone photography with a side of a Master’s in Real Estate Sustainability…. oh yeah, let’s not forget warehousing.

With the world around us constantly changing it’s very important to stay up to date in our businesses. We discuss what exactly machine learning is and how you can leverage it to acquire more bookings.

In an industry that is hesitant to change it’s important to understand the analytics behind your business and how to capitalize on the retention game. Personalized recommendations are where it’s at we break down why using AI (artificial intelligence) is so important in our and all industries.

We end the pod on a personal note that is near and dear to Evan’s heart by talking up the importance of donating bone marrow and how he plans to help those diagnosed with Cancer.

We love this episode!

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