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Winning Big With Southern Hospitality with Ginger and Hunter Harrelson

On today’s episode we sit down with Ginger and Hunter Harrelson, the owners of Beachball Properties on the Alabama Gulf Coast.

A surprising revelation with this interview is that we are treated to a #CuteMeet story and it defiantly sets the stage.

Much like many other success stories in Vacation Rentals, the Harrelson’s had to go all in on their business when their safety nets began to collapse. They sold everything in order to focus on their newly acquired 20 property management company and took a long hard look on how to differentiate themselves from the “old guard” that had been setting the pace locally.

By deep diving into social media, outside the box marketing, and a new focus on brand, Hunter and Ginger were able to hit 100 properties in just under 3 years. Now with around 200 properties they have their sights on 500 by 2025.

There’s a lot you can learn from their journey and eyes are on Beachball as they were just named VRMA Vacation Rental Management Company of the year!

Their secret? They put hospitality in Southern Hospitality. You don’t want to miss this episode!

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