Will 2023 Be The BEST Year for a Real Estate Investor?

Many people believe that you must be experienced or have a large income to invest in real estate. When in reality, you have to have a strategy. That’s exactly what Adam Nelson did we he dove head first into investing while he was working his 9-5. He had a checklist of different types of real estate he wanted to invest in, and that path led him to Airbnb. He started with house hacking, then moved to investing in single-family homes, then got into multifamily investments. That’s when he realized he wanted to invest in short-term rentals because this type of investment had the greatest reward on investment. 

This week Mariah Kamei sits down with Adam Nelson, or some may like to call him the Top 1 Percenter. He walks us through his real estate journey that started when he was 22 during the 2008 recession. Adam also gives us the inside scoop on what he has learned in his 17 years in real estate. From the mistakes he has made to what he plans to do in the future, he gives us practical advice that you can use when starting your own real estate investment journey. 


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Episode 14

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