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Why Staying Energized is Important for Travel with John Pinelli of Punch’d Energy

How do you stay energized while traveling?

Whether it’s multiple coffee stops throughout the day or a quick stop at the convenient store for an energy drink, there are so many drinkable energy-boosting options. Until now… meet your new travel partner Punch’d! Punch’d Energy is the first caffeine gummy on the market. The CEO and Founder of Punch’d, John Pinelli, joins me today to talk all about how consuming clean, chewable energy can elevate your travels.

During this episode, John and I talk about how energy impacts the travel experience. He shares what Punch’d products are, why it is healthier and cleaner than other caffeine products in the market, how Punch’d can help maintain energy no matter how busy you are while traveling, why clean caffeine options are important to have for travelers in airports and hotels, and more.

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