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WHY Off Platform Is A Must Today!

On this episode of STRUnfiltered, Bill introduces an All-In-One Marketing platform to enhance your STR’s performance and make your life easier![0:05] Introduction

[0:26] Let’s Talk About Marketing

[3:20] The Bigger Problem

[4:14] The Core Four

[5:00] Drive Traffic to Your Page

[6:33] Using Excuses

[7:35] MarketMySTR

[11:45] Closing Remarks

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple marketing tools. Let us introduce you to the all-in-one platform that streamlines your marketing efforts and makes your life as a short term rental host a breeze. Sign up for a 14 Day Free Trial at MarketMySTR

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But that’s not all. We’re thrilled to announce that tickets are now on sale for the 2024 STR Wealth Conference, featuring ‘The People’s Shark’ Daymond John as the headline speaker. With over 400 tickets already sold, reserve your spot today.

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