Vrolio: Short Term Rental Investing Done Right

As the Vacation Rental Mastermind Series wraps up, I was in Florida on a part vacation and part work trip prior to the Coronavirus and met with Erica Mueller, CEO & Founder of Vrolio. Vrolio offers a full suite of tools, investment information, and data analytics on short-term rental properties. Their goal is to offer short-term rental investors a single place to buy and sell investment properties. In this episode you’ll hear Erica and I talk about the amazing Star Wars house that we filmed/recorded at and what it takes to become an STR investor.

To book a stay at the Star Wars House, use the direct booking link to save 13% off!

When investing in STR properties, having a noise monitoring solution to protect your asset is key! Use my code SLICKTALK to get 15% off on your NoiseAware devices!



Star Wars House- Loma Homes

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