Vacation Rental 101 with Matt Landau – Episode 1 of the Vacation Rental Mastermind Series

Matt Landau is the host of Unlocked Podcast and the creator of VRMB (Vacation Rental Marketing Blog)! I consider him the worlds leading expert of vacation rentals! He and I sat down and discussed the “101 of hosting” and what it takes in this exciting journey and rise of the vacation rental sector of hospitality! This is a 10 episode/week series with the Masterminds involved in Vacation Rentals and so to start it off, Matt Landau was the perfect guest to have with me in the launch of the series that was all inspired by a blog post that Slick Talk was featured in! Tune in every week for the next 10 weeks in order to hear from Masterminds and the show sponsors! To see more about AirDNA click here! More to come out on the show with them and you can see it all by becoming an official “Slick Talker” through my online community coming soon!

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