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Unplugging & The Importance of Mental Health

We’re back after two weeks off because of some travel schedule conflicts & being sick!

In honor of Mental Health Awareness and some divine timing, we have Hector Hughes joining us as our special guest this week. Hector is Co-Founder of Unplugged, a hospitality company that is designed to allow busy city workers, startups, and anyone else in between to go on a relaxing getaway that is electronic free, as all guests lock up their devices during their stay.

Join us with your favorite cup of coffee (we have a new favorite one, by the way!) and let’s all take a moment to see how we can unplug as well! Brought to you by Biscayne Coffee, based in Miami, we have partnered with them in order to make a change! Use code Good Morning upon checkout to get 10% off your order!


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