Unpacking Major Industry Reports and How they Will Impact the Short-term Rental Market 2023

This is a can’t-miss episode to hear the TLDR on all of the major economic reports that were recently released. Mariah and Jamie provide a detailed analysis of economic reports by Oxford Economics, Moody’s, and more. They dive into how they relate to the hospitality industry, specifically short-term rentals. Jamie sees similar trends in other reports from organizations such as CBRE and STR, which gives him confidence in our predictions. Jamie and Mariah then discuss the impact of the real estate market on the hospitality industry. 

They go on to discuss predictions from CBRE and Redfin, specifically that Redfin predicts that the “great migration” is over, which could have a negative impact on long-term stays in short-term rentals. Jamie then discusses the rising disaster insurance costs, which could also be a problem for short-term rental investors, specifically ones located near coastal and mountain towns. Jamie also discusses that we expect to see some weakness in the leisure sector next year, and rates not growing as much as it has in the past years, as well as a decrease in the number of home sales.


Read CBRE’s Report: 



Read Hostfully’s Report: 



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Read Oxford’s Report:



Read Goldman Sachs’ Report:



Read JP Morgan’s Report:



Read Moody’s Report:



Read Blackrock’s Report:



Read STR’s Report:



Read Expedia’s Report:



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Episode 15

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