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Turning Your Day Hustle into Angel Employment – Entrepreneurial Success with Gianna Rahmani

Welcome to another episode of The Real Estate Law Podcast! We’re excited to have Gianna Rahmani, Day Hustle Co-Founder and Creator of Angel Employment, joining us for a captivating conversation about turning your day hustle into your main gig.

During this episode, we’ll dive into Gianna’s real estate investment journey and discuss how her experiences have shaped her success. In addition, we’ll explore the innovative concept of angel employment, a revolutionary idea that could transform the way we approach work and entrepreneurship.

Gianna’s bestselling book, DAY HUSTLE™️: Receive the Benefits of a DAY Job While You Grow Your Side HUSTLE, serves as a guide for those seeking financial freedom and a more balanced work-life. We’ll break down the key takeaways from her book and learn how Day Hustle™️, LLC is helping ambitious individuals transition from traditional employment to growing their own businesses while maintaining essential benefits.

We uncover the secrets to achieving financial freedom, scaling your business, and making your side hustle your primary source of income. Gianna Rahmani’s story and the concept of angel employment are sure to inspire and empower you to take control of your financial future.

Things we discussed in this episode:

– How G turned a summer job in real estate into her full-time career

– How G transitioned from her W-2 job into becoming an author and investor

– Angel Employment – what is it?

– The value of a W-2 job, both financial and intangible benefits.

– The mindset shift when leaving a job and going out on your own

– Reinventing yourself after leaving your job

– What is the honeymoon life?

Where you can find G:

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Join Jason Muth from Straightforward Short-Term Rentals and Attorney / Broker Rory Gill of NextHome Titletown and UrbanVillage Legal in Boston, Massachusetts for another episode of The Real Estate Law Podcast!

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