Treewalkers: More Than Just A Trend

Dustin is a wild adventurer at heart from childhood and all the way to the current day. On this episode we talk about his natural love of being in the trees and his passion for building treehouses that are more than just a play area for kids but is truly a destination for all the wanderers and travelers around the globe!

We talk about his mission and concept with the newly launched Treewalkers brand under O2 Treehouse and how launching a Start Engine funding campaign in the middle of the pandemic actually gave them more drive and unexpected results than initially anticipated.

Do you want to invest in an amazing hospitality concept that is going to be more than a trend by becoming a sustainable way of travel, hosting, and innovation for generations to come!? Click here to see their funding campaign and become a real stakeholder today!

Also, sign up for the virtual Q&A Happy Hour happening via Zoom and the first 10 people to sign up, I will purchase your drink of choice! It’s free and I will bring on past guests from the show to chat with us!

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Virtual Happy Hour Q&A Event via Zoom!

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