Toby Friesen: Building Experiences!

I connected with Toby late last year during the launch of the Destinationaire Awards and I fell in love with his companies Instagram because of the beautiful properties and high attention to detail! 

Toby is a dreamer and an experience builder and it shows in his work! In this episode, you’ll hear about the challenges but then you’ll hear about the beautiful moments that he is able to make by going above and beyond and creating a destination! When you’re in a beautiful beach town and your guests rarely go to the beach and spend most of their time at the property, you must be doing something right.

This episode is part of the Hostfully Highlight Series and I couldn’t be more excited to have the opportunity to share the awesome stories of property managers like Toby! 

Mentioned in this episode:

Beachhouse WA Website! 

Beachhouse WA Instagram

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