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They Left Campus Ministry for a New Calling — How the Corbett’s Built a Collective of Airbnbs Where All Belong.

Get ready to meet Amy Corbett Co-Founder of All Belong Co — a collective of short term rentals based in Lynchburg, Virginia. 

Amy and her husband Marc have a rich story.  The couple has been married for over twenty years and have two amazing children through the gift of adoption.

After working in campus ministry for 17 years, they left salaries and financial stability and even their community behind in order to go “all in” on their life-long side hobby of renovating houses until they could figure out what was next. 

They started their first Airbnb in 2018 and the couple was instantly hooked. It became clear that creating these welcoming spaces where anyone could belong was not just a mission, but a calling for their family. They were made for this. 

Tune in to hear the inspiring story of how Amy and her family, who often feel as though there aren’t enough places where they truly “fit”, built a budding short-term-rental empire that focuses on crafting welcoming spaces not just where people can stay, but where they can truly belong.

Learn more about Amy and the All Belong Co story by visiting their website or following her on Instagram

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