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They Booked an A-Frame They Follow on Instagram — And It Inspired Them to Build Their Own.

Meet Ty and Mary, the creators of The Northwoods A-Frame and Tiny Cabins near Itasca State Park in northern Minnesota. 

Ty and Mary both have demanding jobs – Ty is an architect and Mary a nurse. So, in October 2020, after months of lockdown, the couple was in dire need of a getaway.

Mary had been following an A-Frame on Instagram for a few months and decided to plan their getaway around when the home had availability.

Upon their arrival, Ty and Mary were met with such a deep peace that they began dreaming about what it would take to create something of their own so that they might share this serenity with others.

Tune in to hear how Ty and Mary designed, built, and branded an A-Frame and a couple of Tiny Cabins that they call Northwoods. 

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