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The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Checklist

Bill shares his comprehensive checklist for underwriting profitable properties, emphasizing the importance of intangibles and listing optimization. Broadcasting from a lakefront property in Alabama, he discusses key components such as revenue management, off-platform marketing, and advanced listing techniques. Bill highlights the critical role of high-quality photos, exceptional copywriting, and effective use of dynamic pricing tools. The episode provides a deep dive into his targeted marketing strategies, including Google trends, buy-sell trade groups, and a 200-day direct booking funnel, aiming to help listeners optimize their property listings and boost their revenues.

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02:00 Introduction to Property Underwriting

02:40 Location and Marketing Components

03:50 Personal and Property Checklists

05:23 Listing Optimization Strategies

06:35 Revenue Management Insights

11:24 Off-Platform Marketing Techniques

18:20 Conclusion and Final Tips

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On STR Unfiltered, Bill Faeth breaks down the ins and outs of short-term rental hosting, giving listeners actionable advice that they can use to take their businesses to the next level.

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