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The Science Behind Talent Acquisition with Steve Trover

We are live from Favor Xtravaganza with Steve Trover of Better Talent.

Steve started in the vacation rental industry in the late 90s after his mom started selling vacation homes in the Orlando area near Disney. Springboarding off of this drive he started his own company, All Star Vacations, which he scaled from to 400 properties.

Steve’s 25+ years of experience includes board seats on 14 different committees,

The Industry has changed so much since he came in and his subscription-based talent acquisition company is bringing and maintaining better talent to our industry, We discuss the importance of behavioral profiling, recruitment, the impact of company culture, and the importance of making sure the right people find their place in our industry.

A super quick glimpse into the world of Steve Trover.

Special thanks to Wil Slickers who filled in for Mateo on this episode of the no BS podcast!

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