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The Rise of Workforce Rentals is Now! with Yeves Perez

We met Yeves Perez Chairman and CEO at Workbnb a few months back and just knew we had to get him on.

A call from his mama got Yeves back home to Reno and help her out with her bustling Airbnb business. His marketing background helped her turn a corner with market research.

What was noticed was that the majority of travelers staying at her properties were those traveling for work… more specifically construction work. This prompted entrepreneurial juices to flow and Workbnb was born.

We dive into the difficulties of raising capital specifically for black and brown founders and how he is persevering despite all of this.

What the team has built at Workbnb is super exciting and has the potential to change the game in Workforce rentals.

Hear how a lodging placement app specifically designed for blue-collar travel that doesn’t even have a search bar is going to change the way companies book accommodations.

A must-listen, the future is bright for Workbnb!

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