The Power of Niche Booking Sites

This week, we are joined by Nancy McAleer, Co-Founder of FLARBO.

After several years of frustration with the major OTAs, Nancy co-founded Florida Rental By Owners, a no booking fee website “Built By Owners For Vacation Rental Owners”. Giving full control back to the short-term rental host, homeowner, and property manager. Dedicated to the Book Direct movement, FLARBO is a sustainable, viable, trusted partner for the niche Florida rental market in the United States.

In this episode, we explore:

2:51 – Background of Nancy McAleer + How It All Started

7:12 – The biggest lessons learned in co-founding a business

9:31 – Transitioning from OTAs(Online Travel Agency) to Direct Booking

10:13 – The value of software integration and automation in a business

13:33 – The difference between mainstream OTA and Flarbo

19:56 – What does it take to build a listing site like Flarbo?

23:15 – How to identify and avoid booking scams

25:40 – Thriving amidst the pandemic

32:37 – How the Flarbo business model could be effective for other markets

38:36 – Best Practices for hosting rentals

Check out Flarbo’s Annual Report for 2020 to see how they withstood the challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and how their data can help maximize dollar per transaction (DPT), rental ratios, and ROI for hosts.

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