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The Hospitality Leadership Revolution: Chris Adams, Ellis Adams Group

He’s the founder of the Ellis Adams Group. An international hospitality consulting firm focusing on building brands, concept and design development, training and revenue generation. Their current project list includes over 100 active ventures around the globe and the continued development of Marriott International’s beverage program.

Chris’ start in the hospitality industry is one many of us have experienced; an entry level job turns into a career and life-long passion. What is uncommon however, is the ability to take early influences and combine them with lived experience within the industry and a desire to evolve how business gets done to actually raise the bar in what employees and guests can expect.

That’s what we’re exploring in this episode. Chris is a great storyteller and shares several examples about how leadership, continuity and congruence can be your best friend or stealthy enemy when trying to reimagine and evolve your company. 

It’s no secret that we’re never going back to the way things were pre-pandemic. Embracing and accepting that the hospitality industry needs to change is happening at varying degrees across countless companies. What I appreciate about this conversation is the realization that it’s likely not to be one of the big guys to show us how it’s done, but may very well be a small, upstart company that is the one to revolutionize what we do and how we do it.

About Chris

Chris spent his formative years in the hospitality industry working his way up The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. After growing up in the entertainment industry, Adams founded Ellis Adams Group (EAG) as an international hospitality consulting firm. The group focuses on all aspects of businesses, including building brands, concept and design development, training, management, revenue generation, and profit margin increases. The hospitality firm’s current project list is dynamic and constantly growing, with over 100 active ventures underway around the globe, including the continued development of Marriott International’s beverage program.



Instagram: @ellisadamsofficial

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