The Business of Cleaning During a Pandemic: David Grossman, Renue Systems

This episode takes a look behind the scenes of a department that’s typically behind the scenes. Until the pandemic affected every aspect of life, housekeeping in hotels was a service that you would see the results of, but rarely would you see the work being done. This 24hr department has since become the “tent-pole feature” of hotel marketing initiatives, hotel repositioning, employee training and guest communication, but what you may not know is that in many cases, a certain percentage of housekeeping employees don’t actually work for the hotel.

David Grossman is the Owner and CEO of Renue Systems, Inc, a global provider of comprehensive deep cleaning services to the hospitality industry. He came on the show to talk about what goes on behind the scenes at a large scale cleaning company and what it’s like being the leader of an organization that partners with some of the world’s leading hotels on a function that’s suddenly in the spotlight.

On this episode we discuss:

  • Renue Systems history and services (1:07)
  • What is happening in the market? (9:40)
  • Looking back to the past 5-6 months and planning for the future (12:33)
  • How housekeeping operations are changing (14:20)
  • How hotels can contend with running on smaller teams (19:35)
  • What it’s been like being the leader of a large company during the pandemic (26:00)
  • Resources that may be beneficial for others to pursue (30:05)

About David

David Grossman is the Owner and CEO of Renue Systems, Inc., a global provider of comprehensive deep cleaning services to the hospitality industry. The Chicago-based company services many leading hotels and is preferred vendor partner of Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, InterContinental, Best Western and others. Renue Systems is a franchisor and operator with 30 offices across North America and overseas. Founded in 1991 by a 21 year-old individual to clean carpets, the company has grown substantially and expanded its capabilities so it can solve the comprehensive and rigorous needs of high-end hotels.

Prior to his involvement with Renue beginning in early 2010, he spent nearly ten years with several investment funds in New York including GSO Capital, Kohlberg Capital and TD Capital where he invested both equity and debt primarily in private companies. He also has served as an operational, strategic and financial consultant at his own firm and at A.T. Kearney where he advised businesses ranging in size from start-up to Fortune 500. Mr. Grossman has an undergraduate degree from Brown University and masters and doctorate degrees from Harvard University.




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