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The Big Platforms & Earning Calls

Jamie Lane, Michael Goldin, and Wil Slickers get behind the mic to talk about the earning calls between the big platforms and hotel brands and talk about what they’re all looking to invest in the future.

AirDNA’s Fact of the Week

What are the best places to invest in short-term rentals? 

  • Small and mid-sized cities continue to dominate the AirDNA Best Places to Invest list, which now features a regulation score from Revedy. This list features hidden gems with a focus on places with the highest profit potential. 
  • Who made it on the list? 
  • #1 – Fairbanks, Alaska – this location scored a 1/10 for regulation risk (meaning it’s very low risk). The average full-time STR earns $49K annually with an average daily rate (ADR) of $198. 
  • #2 – Evansville, Indiana – Home values in Evansville are relatively low at $116K. With an average daily rate of $129, full-time STRs can expect an average $27K of annual revenue. It also scored a 1/10 for regulation risk. 

#3 – Rockford, Illinois – Its eclectic attractions allow the city to maintain an ADR of $175 and an average of $39K in annual revenue.

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