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Systematic Real Estate Portfolio Growth with Buy-and-Hold Investor Shaun Martin

Sometimes, a buy-and-hold strategy is the best pathway forward when you’re a real estate investor looking for steady growth. Our guest is taking that approach, and it’s working out quite well.

Welcome Shaun Martin to the podcast. Shaun is a buy-and-hold investor originally from New Zealand, who found his way to Colorado over two decades ago to learn how to ski.

While taking advantage of the lovely outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer, Shaun met his future wife, fell in love with her first, and then fell in love with the opportunities that buy-and-hold real estate investing offers!

Currently, Shaun lives in Denver, and is owner of Watson Buys, where he likes to think of himself as a lot more than “the guy that buys houses for cash.”

Shaun generates a lot of organic leads through SEO for his own deals, and we dig into a discussion about lead generation, operating multiple websites, and good SEO practices during this episode.

While continuing to focus on the buy and hold strategy, Shaun has also flipped a number of properties, become a private lender, and focused a lot more on sourcing his own deals.

Shaun is not a get-rich-quick guy or an aggressive investor. He’s smart with his decisions, learns from past deals and experiences, and values how real estate has given him the opportunity to create time freedom and security for himself, his family, and his friends.

In this episode, we discussed:

– Shaun’s journey from New Zealand to Colorado and how he accidentally landed in the real estate business

– Techniques to generate leads for buy-and-hold flips

– Growing a real estate portfolio by using creative financing ideas

– The value of banking relationships

– How to use 1031 exchanges to level up your real estate portfolio

– How do higher interest rates change the cash-out refinance strategy?

– Using multiple websites and SEO tactics for lead generation

Where you can find Shaun:

Website –

Facebook –

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Email – [email protected]

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