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Surviving The Shit Storm Episode 15 with Nick Popovici, CEO of Vita Mojo

Kieron and Nick talked about Introducing digital into your business. We looked at the opportunities of digital growth and how it has helped Leon, Farmer J & Yes Chef in these trying times.

What are the challenges of blending the old & new school to work effectively together, and how operators can overcome them?

To be able to marry the two together smoothly we talked through understanding your business Why? And the importance of sharing that with your team to ensure they are bought into the plan. Nick shared stories of the Vita Mojo culture and how is it represented In the business on a daily basis.

You can find Nick on LinkedIn or check out the website to get a feel for what the brand can do for you but most importantly, start the conversation because Vita Mojo aren’t just a tech brand, they are a people driven solutions business and they are ready to help you.

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