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STR Wealth Conference Recap with John An

Today we sit with John An, Founder & CEO of TechTape, and dive into all things STR Wealth Conference!

This was year two for the hard-hitting conference that takes place in Nashville.

Kudos to all involved for getting over 1000 people to attend while other shows in our industry are struggling with attendee-to-vendor ratios and attendees in general.

This show was WAY different than any others that we have attended with HIGH ENERGY and a focus on hosts. We talk about what it does right and where it misses.

Other vacation rental conferences and organizations can learn a lot from what STR Wealth is doing.

We’re big fans of John and get to know his and TechTapes’ story a little better in this episode. What impresses us about John is how he has immersed himself (the right way) in things that make a real difference from day one and this is why he has found success as a short-term rental thought leader.

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