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Sparking Connections Through Shared Experiences, with Liz Lathan and Nicole Osibodu

There is great power in experiencing significant moments with others. Liz Lathan and Nicole Osibodu of Haute Dokimazo understand this power and have harnessed it, packaged it, and regularly deliver it to companies who want to enhance the way they connect with each other, as well as their customers. By creating magical shared experiences that break down walls and stimulate conversation (even virtually!), Liz and Nicole show you how to build genuine connections that lead to profitable relationships. Their main requirement? It has to be fun. 

Liz Lathan, CMP has devoted her career to engaging people face-to-face (and virtually) for collaboration, ideation and experimentation. She is obsessed with applying modern marketing principles to a segment of the marketing industry that has historically been an afterthought — live events. Dedicated to bridging the gap between sales and marketing, Liz’s experience has encompassed leading event marketing strategy teams from Fortune 500 companies such as National Instruments, Dell and IBM, to consulting with nonprofit associations and small to medium businesses on how to optimize their events within broader marketing programs. She’s created events from 10-person C-level hospitality experiences up to 40,000-person multi-venue conferences. Liz was nominated for the 2018 Event Marketer B2B Dream Team and was awarded 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year from Smart Meetings. In addition to her role as Chief Executive Officer of Haute Dokimazo, Liz is also partner and Chief Experience Officer of Haute Companies.

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Nicole Osibodu’s zeal for genuine human-to-human connection, building strong communities and brand partnerships is the heart and soul of Haute Dokimazo. Her fearless pursuit of meaningful business relationships that can be a change for good is one of the reasons she was voted one of Smart Meetings’ Event Planners of the Year in 2019. Her past experience has included working in marketing, sales and business development, and as an event designer for many different organizations. Among Nicole’s memorable experiences were working on a special event for Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Productions; Christmas at the White House 2011; and for Comer Children’s Hospital of Chicago, as well as working as general manager and director of special events under “Top Chef: New Orleans” finalist Chef Carlos Gaytan. She’s taught business event planning at San Diego State University and was also the founder and president of Operation Morale, supporting wounded troops and their families. In addition to her role as President of Haute Dokimazo, Nicole is also a partner and Chief Customer Officer of Haute Companies.

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Haute Dokimazo creates rousing shared experiences anchored in conversation that drive genuine connections. The award-winning company facilitates high-energy roundtable sessions, community think tanks, and strategic planning sessions for businesses and nonprofits both large and small. Their clients have included Fortune 500 list regulars Dell, Adobe and Google. The company’s unusual name combines “Haute” (pronounced “hot” by the founders but defined as the French word meaning “high” or “quality”) — with ‘Dokimazo’ (a Greek word, pronounced dok-im-ad’-zo). Co-founder Liz Lathan states, “Dokimazo means trying to prove something is genuine — our conferences focus deeply on genuine connections and genuine learning.”

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