Sapphire Stein: Wishbox & Guest Focus

Crazy how plans change! This episode should’ve been recorded back in April of this year but of course, COVID happened and well, lets just say better late than never! Sapphire is the Director of Marketing for hospitality company, Wishbox! In this episode you’ll hear all about the amazing tool hospitality providers (AKA Destinationaires™) use this in order to save time, increase revenue and profitability, and help keep the guest experience as a top priority! 

Thank you to the show sponsor Cleaning Certification by VR Scheduler for providing all the Slick Talkers out there with an amazing offer of 20% off of the Cleaning Certification Course in order to help increase guest trust and occupancy during this time of COVID19 and beyond! You guys rock, so go use my code SLICKTALK20 for 20% off! 

Mentioned in this episode: 

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Cleaning Certification  

VR Scheduler 

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Destinationaire Award 

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