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Resiliency in the face of the hospitality industry’s collapse: Theresa Ito, Blue Mountain Solutions

Theresa was a guest in the early days of the show, and she’s back today to share insights into how she pivoted her company to find new opportunities during the pandemic.

A little background on Theresa – She’s successfully led teams for iconic brands including Fairmont Hotels, Le Meridien, Sandals Resorts and Hilton International. She’s now founder and principal at Blue Mountain Solutions, a hospitality consulting and leadership training company based in Victoria, BC.

I asked Theresa on the show to talk about how the pandemic has affected her business, what she’s learned by talking with different teams and business owners in industries outside of hospitality and her message for 2021.

Ultimately, our goal with this episode is to inspire and show people at every level within an organization how to take action.

On this episode we discuss:

  • How the last year has been for a hospitality industry focus business (4:45)
  • We need to pull together and lean on each other as an industry (8:18)
  • Looking for skills help needed in other industries as an opportunity for hotel professionals (12:40)
  • Using hospitality accounting principles to maximize other businesses (18:24)
  • Self-care and dealing with burnout (23:41)
  • Leading with authenticity (27:18)
  • How to help people feel hopeful that they can make a change (34:16)

About Theresa

Theresa Ito is passionate about people, having worked in hospitality internationally for over 30 years, she loves nothing better than being part of people’s growth.

And that is why she has been successful with her company Blue Mountain Solutions Inc., developing leaders and teams. During her illustrious career, Theresa has successfully led teams in iconic brands including Fairmont Hotels, Le Meridien, Sandals Resorts and Hilton International.

Theresa is a qualified certified facilitator for “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and is a member of the “John Maxwell Team”. She also instructed at Royal Roads University .

Theresa was raised in Jamaica and then spent 20 years in England. She now lives with her family in beautiful Vancouver Island where she services a host of local and international clientele, assisting them to thrive in leadership.

Theresa is energetic and her presentations are always filled with leadership best practices, useful anecdotes and a healthy dose of humour.




Instagram: bluemountainsolutions

Facebook: @Theresa.Blue.Mountain.Solutions

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