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NEW MondayManifest – Shawn Walchef on true ‘Digital Hospitality’

Welcome to our Monday Manifest, the first of a special cut of one of our most engaging episodes, where today we delve into the concept of ‘Digital Hospitality’ with one of my mentors (even if he doesnt know it) Shawn Walchef of Cali BBQ.

Discover how the brick and mortar realm of the hospitality industry is evolving into the digital age and why every business must adapt to survive.

If you’re a hospitality business owner or professional, this episode is packed with actionable insights tailored just for you including;

  • Digital-First Approach: Understand the importance of having a digital-first mindset, optimizing for the internet, and being responsive to evolving technologies. Today’s hospitality is not just about physical space but creating a seamless online experience for your customers.

  • Humanizing Digital Interactions: Learn the art of translating the warmth and empathy of face-to-face hospitality to the digital space. Whether it’s responding to online reviews or managing direct messages, discover how to make every interaction memorable and authentic.

  • Embrace Technology for Efficiency: Hear about practical applications, like the toast order system, that are transforming the way businesses operate. Discover the importance of immediacy in the digital age, using Spotify’s quest for instantaneous playback as an inspiration. Ensure you’re not just integrating technology but partnering with the right tech platforms to amplify your business’s impact.

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