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Maximizing Revenue For Your STR

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On STRonomics this week, Kenny and Bill go through the 7 things you can do today to Maximize your STR revenue! Bookings will not come easily after the summer boom, fly past your competition now!

[0:05] Bill and Kenny’s Intro

[0:50] How to Maximize Revenue Today!

[1:28] Strategic Ammenties Investments

[5:06] EV Chargers

[6:00] Marketing Ammenties Outside In

[6:58] What Impacts Branding

[8:00] Accommodating Weddings

[9:34] Niche Design

[10:50] Off-Platform Marketing

[11:23] Highest and Best Use Design

[13:50] $25,000 Photos

[17:00] MarketMySTR

[19:56] Rankings, Ratings, and Reviews

[22:25] STR Data Host

[23:43] Closing Remarks

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