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Marketing Mondays: SEO Hacks for Airbnb Hosts: How to (Quickly) Increase Your Airbnb’s Ranking on Google

Welcome to another Marketing Mondays on the Behind the Stays podcast feed!

In this episode we chat ALL about SEO and how Airbnb hosts can leverage the power of great keyword research to increase their organic rankings on Google. 

In today’s lesson we share a lot of screenshots and data…so…you MAY wish to WATCH this episode on YouTube, which you can do here: Stream Marketing Mondays on YouTube

In this 30-minute power episode you’ll learn:

  • How to find and target keywords that align with your short-term rental brand
  • How to out-optimize pages ranking higher than yours
  • How to splice your target keywords into headers on your website 

We also use Field & Lake as a case study during this episode…discover the incredible brand their founder, Sara Roitman, is creating by visiting their website, following them on Instagram, or booking one of their stays below:

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Behind the Stays is hosted by Zach Busekrus, co-founder of Sponstayneous, you can connect with him on Twitter at @zboozee.