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Making Their Mark on Anna Maria

We sit down with our friend Adrian Johnson, Owner of SeaBreeze Vacation Rentals on Anna Maria Island on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

We discuss Adrian’s journey from the security industry to vacation rental property management, sharing insightful experiences and challenges he faced along the way, what it takes to be successful, and dive deep into current and future technology in the short-term rental space.

Episode Highlights

  • Adrian emphasizes the importance of attention to detail during the guest turnover process and the impact it has on guest satisfaction.
  • Adrian shares his experiences dealing with natural disasters and the unpredictability of the business, touching on red tide, hurricanes, and the importance of preparedness.
  • Preparing for the Future: Adrian emphasizes the importance of having a well-prepared hurricane plan in place for properties.
  • Building In-House Services: Adrian explains how SeaBreeze expanded its services by bringing laundry, pool maintenance, and even construction in-house. He highlights the strategic approach of timing and quality over quantity.
  • Focusing on the Guest Experience: Adrian shares how SeaBreeze treats owners and guests like family, providing a welcoming and warm atmosphere. He believes in going the extra mile to create exceptional experiences.
  • The importance of finding a one-stop-shop platform to streamline operations for property managers.
  • Adrian shares his thoughts on AI’s impact on the industry and how it could revolutionize processes.
  • We discuss the power of listening to customers’ needs and avoiding a “my way or the highway” mentality.
  • Adrian emphasizes the need for software companies to think outside the box and offer unique solutions to property managers.

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