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Longevity Through Culture – Our Rent Responsibly People, Places, Planet, Podcast Takeover Presentation

This is a recording from our Rent Responsibly webinar we did in April on how culture and sustainable thinking affects a business’s long-term success.

We were lucky to be joined by some amazing special guests!

Margot Lee Schmorak – Hostfully

Wes Smithe – Direct

Dawn Yeskulsky, SME – Inhabit®

Rob Greyber – Vacasa

David Krauss – Rent Responsibly

Vanessa de Souza Lage – Sustonica

Resha Shroff – Lynx Automation

Official presentation snippet below:

In their well-loved no-BS style, Mateo and John will host a meaningful conversation about how culture and sustainable thinking pedal the flywheel of your business’s long-term success. Designed for CEOs, founders, and leaders of companies big and small, this session will challenge you to consider your cultural mindset, how your decisions impact the ecosystem around you and vice versa, and the power our industry has to impact our world for the better through travel. But they won’t leave you hanging on those big questions. They’ll also provide actionable strategies to carry your hospitality business long into the future.

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