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Loma Homes: Don’t Just Stay, Experience!

Back in February I was on a vacation and business trip in Florida! That is where I recorded one of the episodes for the Vacation Rental Mastermind Series with Erica Muller of Vrolio at the Star Wars house in Destin Florida! I was able to record an episode and show off what I get to do to some family members who were big Star Wars fans and I couldn’t get that experience out of my mind! I was in contact with Bryndee, Owner of Loma Homes, and finally just said they need to be on show! I recently have been developing my Destinationaire content and knew that is exactly what Bryndee and her family is all about!
In this episode you’ll hear from Bryndee about her and her teams experiences with creating destinations like the famous Star Wars house and now Wizards Way (Harry Potter themed vacation rental) and why creating something like this can make or break your business! Tune in and learn more about this amazing “Flipping Family”

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