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Leveraging Cultural Differences with Tim Koninckx

On today’s episode, we sit down with Tim Koninckx, International Sales Manager at Doinn.

This Belgian-born startup helper got his first exposure to short-term rentals pre “Airbnb” during the couch surfing movement. This sparked his interest and career moves in servicing hospitality.

A recurring issue he encountered was finding good reliable housekeeping so joining Doinn the start-up that helps people contract housekeepers to help turn over their properties quickly and efficiently was a no-brainer.

Tim is based overseas with extensive experience working for companies here in the states, so we discuss the differences between the two markets (US and Europe) as well as their similarities in terms of management style, tech stack, and much more.

Listen to the end to catch Tim’s unpopular opinion of which US-based fast-food company has the best “french” fries in his opinion.

A cool episode with an all-around great guy!

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