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Leading with Culture and People with Julie Farnsworth of Crescent Hotels and Resorts

How has the hospitality workforce changed? How can employers best support their employees and create a thriving culture? These are questions that Julie Farnsworth, the Senior Vice President of People & Culture for Crescent Hotels and Resorts, joins me to discuss in this episode.

Julie Farnsworth is a passionate human resources professional, with over 30 years of leadership experience in both private and public sector. Having worked in Food & Beverage and Rooms operations, as well as human resources in the hotel business, Julie has honed her leadership style to be one that is collaborative, approachable & authentic.

Throughout this conversation, Julie talks about her career in hospitality, changes that she has seen in the next generation of hospitality employees, questions that applicants are asking in interviews, ways that she is retaining employees, how travel is being redefined, the value of culture within a company, and so much more.

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