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Launching An Out Of State Short Term Rental – Episode 10


Retirement, Property Investments, and Airbnb Cashflow


In today’s episode, Matt talks Airbnb with his Mom, Monique Duquette:

  • Investing out-of-state
  • Creating an Airbnb Property Team
  • What to do when the market changes
  • Taking action with no experience
  • …and more!



Monique Duquette (aka Matt’s Mom) is a newly retired entrepreneur and short term rental host celebrating one year in the business . Monique and her husband Frank invested in a property in Waco, Texas, turned their investment into a cashflow machine using Airbnb, relocated to Texas, and then watched their newfound income dissipate after Covid-19. However, Monique used her resourcefulness to bounce back and now has a plan for future growth. Connect with Monique and get more information using the links below:


Airbnb Listing:


Takeaways, Tools, and Tips: The key takeaway for this episode is to develop a team, take action, and learn as you go!


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Matt Anices( is the CEO of Anices Capital, a multifamily investor with years of experience in property management and sales & marketing. A native of California, he and his wife, Alicia, and three kids now call Texas home.

Noble Crawford ( is a Principal Partner at Short Term Residences LLC. His background in technology, hospitality, and sales & marketing brings over 20 years of experience to his daily hustle. His wife, Elkie, and three sons along with his passion for helping others, make his life complete.



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