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Is Banning People From Airbnb The Solution To Fraud?

With more and more conferences, the GMH crew is broadcasting from multiple locations as they dive into industry news and the main topic of Banning Guest from Booking Platforms.

Industry News: 

  • LMPM is acquired by Inhabit (link)
  • Sonder layed off another 14% + stock hitting rock bottom to $.87 (link)
  • STR Safety: Child dies of drug overdose in STR (link)
  • Accor Co-Founder dies at 91 years old (link)

AirDNA’s Fact of the Week: 

We pulled some data on when to get the lowest prices for STRs, based on lead times. On average it’s best to wait 2-4 weeks in advance of the trip to get the lowest rate, though the median lead time in 2022 was roughly 33 days (down from 40 days in 2019), so if you wait until 4 weeks in advance of a trip to book, only half of the homes that were available are still available. On average, guests saved about 9% by booking 2 weeks in advance instead of more than 6 months in advance.

The only location type where we see any saving for last minute bookings (less than a week in advance) is in Urban locations, where lead times are the shortest, averaging 24 days in 2022.

Show Notes: 

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