Influencing From The Inside Out

In today’s episode, let us welcome Wendy Jae and David Tucker from Travelers Book Direct and learn the different strategies that will empower you to create direct relationships with your guests, upgrade how you operate, and master the strategies and tactics you need to tap into your full potential. Learn the foundations and fundamentals of attracting visitors as a Destination Influencer (Destinationaire!) and convert them into guests that book directly on your platform.

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In this episode, we explore:

04:16 – Background of David & Wendy

09:58 – Creating systems and Direct Relationships

11:45 – Destination Influencing Concept

16:32 – Beginning and Results of Destination Influencing Concept

23:00 – Personalize Marketing Strategies

24:13 – 3 Things an Influencer Needs

28:10 – Creating Partnerships and Relationships

34:28 – Creating personal Video messages for the guests

39:16 – Success stories as a destination influencer

44:47 – Creating content for YouTube


“I learned two important things that day. One was no matter what you’re up against, you have to create a system. If you don’t have a system, you’re lost. And the second thing was direct relationships are always the most valuable.” – David

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