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Human Beings Not VAs with Ari Eryorulmaz and Rick Sippos

75th Episode! Ari Eryorulmaz and Rick Sippos join us from Extenteam.

We all know over the last two years we’ve seen a drastic change in the workforce across every industry as more and more companies turn to remote and freelance work.

Extenteam has been at the forefront of that changing the way we hire potential remote positions within our industry. They’re taking on the HR role that no one else wants or has the bandwidth to own, and are now helping over 95 US-based Vacation Rental Operators hire.

The term “Virtual Assistant” is very common in our industry but there is nothing virtual about those individuals. They are human beings just like the rest of us and Extenteam is helping to bring the same benefits workers here in the States have, overseas.

By taking care of their overseas employees in a way that most companies do not, Extenteam hopes to maintain a low churn rate and keep the top-tier talent the operators need.

They are changing the hiring space within our industry and have much more to come!

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