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How Will Smith’s Son, a Love for Movies, and Dropping Out of College Paved the Way for Levi Kelly to Build an Airbnb Tours YouTube Channel with 80 Millions Views

Meet Levi Kelly — a creator whose cabin tour videos have garnered nearly 80 millions views on YouTube.

Growing up, Levi used to goof around and shoot funny videos with his buddies and then edit them on the iMovie app on his phone. In high school he realized that shooting and editing video was more than just a hobby of his…it felt like something he was destined to do.

After successfully landing a few freelance clients in college, Levi came to the realization that he didn’t like paying tuition to be taught something he already knew how to do…so he dropped out of school video full time. And it was around this time where he posted her first tour of a tiny home on his YouTube channel.

Well Jaden Smith, Will Smith’s son, happened to see this video and share it on Twitter…and, well, it went viral. Tune in to hear the story behind how Levi used his love of storytelling to produce video tours of the world’s most incredible Airbnbs.

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