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How to Use Universal Design Concepts to Build an Accessible Airbnb — The Story of the Havarti Haus

Meet Tiffany Lund — the creator of The Havarti Haus, an accessible, Scandinavian-style retreat in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, opening in late 2023.

Tiffany and her family love to go on adventures — the outdoors has always been a place of restoration and reinvigoration for them.

Tiffany and her husband Jim have an incredible son named Morty.  Morty, like his parents, loves the outdoors.  He also loves the Boston Celtics and the Red Sox.  Unlike his parents however, Morty has Cerebral palsy. 

If you’ve ever traveled with a wheelchair, you may know how difficult it can be to find a place to stay – somewhere you can get through the door without having to traverse up steps or somewhere you can actually take a shower without jerry-rigging something or settling for a sponge bath. 

Tiffany and Jim believe a place can be accessible and universally appealing to everyone.  That is their dream.  And they are watching it come to life with the building of Havarti Haus.

Tune in to the inspiring story of how Tiffany is using universal design concepts to drive the design decisions to simplify the travel experience for the mobility impaired.

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