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How to Start Airbnb’ing With No Money

The Property Stacking Masterclass.

In this episode of STR Unfiltered, host Bill Faeth introduces viewers to the concept of co-hosting on Airbnb as a lucrative way to engage in the short-term rental market without the need to own property. Focusing on actionable strategies, the guide covers key aspects such as revenue management, marketing, listing optimization, guest communication, and how to charge for services. Bill argues against the popular practice of rental arbitrage due to its high risk and financial requirements, advocating instead for co-hosting due to its low barrier to entry. He shares personal success stories and strategies for acquiring high-value properties to manage, emphasizing the importance of setting clear revenue and time goals.

00:00 Introduction to Co-Hosting on Airbnb

00:21 Unlocking the Power of Co-Hosting Without Owning Property

01:02 The Essentials of Co-Hosting: Skills and Revenue Management

02:22 Why Arbitrage Isn’t the Best Strategy for Beginners

04:09 The Lucrative Potential of Co-Hosting

05:17 Building a Successful Co-Hosting Business: Strategies and Skills

05:45 Customer Acquisition and Market Selection for Co-Hosting

07:30 Maximizing Profits: Setting Goals and Choosing Properties

12:18 The Path to Long-Term Wealth Through Co-Hosting

13:11 Closing Remarks and Marketing Platform Promotion

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On STR Unfiltered, Bill Faeth breaks down the ins and outs of short-term rental hosting, giving listeners actionable advice that they can use to take their businesses to the next level.

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