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How To Manage Airbnb & Multi Family Property Successfully

How To Manage Airbnb & Multi Family Property Successfully 

Austin Linney shares how he fought back from adversity in 2020 to expand his business in 2021 and now he is travelling the world using Airbnb as his vehicle… plus a nice new RV. 

Turning Hotels Into Airbnb Units: Hotels are dying fast as modern technology and Airbnb style operations prove to be a more lucrative and hassle free business model. As such experienced Airbnb host and savvy property investors are sweeping up old school hotels and turning them into luxury modernised tech focused operations. 

Asking Yourself Important Questions: Mindset is everything in life and business and Austin asks a very important question to all the listeners in this episode which will really get you thinking about how you are running your Airbnb business. 

Earn and Learn Fund: Austin is planning to give back to the business community by offering investors a way to earn whilst learning how to run a successful Airbnb property business. This is a great way to get started in property and just one of many ways that are available to you. 

Additional Resources Mentioned: 

  • Working with mentors
  • Finding the right courses for you 
  • Designing your life 
  • Living on the road 
  • Having fun 

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