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How to Design an A-Frame on a Budget (That Still Gets Featured by HGTV)

Meet Whitney and Andrew Bradberry, the creators of the Front Range A-Frame in Bailey, Colorado, just an hour outside of Denver. 

Whitney is a freelancer marketer by trade, and her husband Andrew is a firefighter paramedic. 

Given their non-traditional jobs, the couple has always enjoyed tinkering on creative projects together.

Whitney’s father loved Colorado and it’s because of him that she fell in love with the mountains. So, when he passed away unexpectedly after a battle with cancer, the couple thought it would be fitting to honor his legacy by creating a space for others to enjoy in a place that meant so much to him.

In this episode of Behind the Stays Whitney and Andrew discuss:

  1. The best YouTube channels to tap into for DIY projects 
  2. The affordable design decisions they made that landed them a feature by HGTV
  3. How to build a simple, but website for your Airbnb that aligns with the brand strategy of your home

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