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How to Build the Marriott of Vacation Rentals — Meet the Founders of The 100 Collection

Meet Travis Wilburn and Rebecca Lombardo — the founders of The 100 Collection, a curation of the best properties from trusted vacation rental brands on a mission to set the gold standard for hospitality.

Travis has built and run companies in travel and hospitality for well over a decade. His working knowledge spans every level of his organizations, from operations to business development, to maintenance.

And Rebecca is seasoned marketing executive with 15 years of experience developing brands and content for travel publications like Yahoo Travel and Orlando Magazine as well as several Fortune 100 companies. 

In this episode, this dynamic duo unpack their vision for a new era and standard of hospitality for the short-term and vacation rental markets and discuss crucial topics like:

  • How to build a loyalty program in the vacation rental market

  • How to fight back against the market-share owned by OTAs like Airbnb

  • How to grow a meaningful, consumer-facing hospitality brand 

  • And much more

Discover the 100 Collection 

Connect with Travis and Rebecca on LinkedIn. 

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