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How to Build a Nationally Recognized Vacation Rental Management Company (That Actually Works)

Meet Ashley Ching, co-founder of Inhaven, a trailblazing company with ambitious plans to set new standards in the vacation rental industry. 

If you’ve ever booked a vacation rental and found it lacking in comfort or consistency, you’ll understand the frustration that led Ashley to start Inhaven.

With a background in merchandising and a deep understanding of the hospitality sector, Ashley is on a mission to professionalize vacation rentals by focusing on the essential aspects of a stay: bed, bath, and kitchen.

In this conversion, Ashley shares her insights on why standardizing these elements can elevate the entire vacation rental experience, drawing parallels to the evolution of the hotel industry.

Discover how Inhaven is partnering with local property managers to implement these standards and ensure that every guest enjoys a reliably excellent stay, no matter where they book.

Ashley also dives into the challenges of scaling a vacation rental management company and why local expertise is crucial for delivering exceptional hospitality. Whether you’re a property manager looking to enhance your offerings or a traveler seeking a more predictable vacation rental experience, this episode is packed with valuable insights and innovative ideas.

Tune in to learn how Inhaven is paving the way for a new era in vacation rentals, where comfort and quality are no longer a luxury but a standard.

It’s a tall order, but, if she and the Inhaven team can do it, they’ll be the first company in the space to truly build the Marriott for Vacation Rentals. 

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