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How They Built Bespoke Airbnbs to Help Fund Their Goat Dairy: The Story Behind Big Picture Farm

In just a moment you’ll meet Louisa Conrad, Co-Founder of Big Picture Farm.  Big Picture Farm is a Vermont farmstead goat dairy and confectionery whose award-winning caramels have won over a dozen national awards…and while these candies are undeniably decadent, there is more to Big Picture than just the goat dairy…


After leaving their careers in academia, Louisa and her husband Lucas founded the farm in 2010. Their vision was to help their customers understand the rich context that surrounds the milk, cheese, and candies produced on the farm.  They aspired to tell consumers the story behind the food in hopes that they might, well, understand the “big picture” of how, what, and who made the treats they consumed.  


But Lousia and Lucas dreamed of taking things a step further…what if they could invite folks to experience the dairy?  Could this be a vehicle through which they might expand their mission and help underwrite the cost of their Animal-Welfare-Approved farm?


Tune in to hear the story behind how Louisa and her husband Lucas built three bespoke residences on the farm that they now rent out on Airbnb.